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November 08, 2010


Lama J.

Hey Celia - though not confirmed friend, your blog-post still shows up in my news feed. Thank you for all the very kind words on brød. Most Danes can't live without rugbrød for more than a holidays time, and I see you completely understand why.

Here is a link for THE restaurant when it comes to smørrebrød :) Check out the history - they family started their first restaurant in 1888 and has made smørrebrød what it is today.

You can look forward to some of the ones that are popular around Christmas - medister, flæskesteg, rødkål and sild, here we come ;)

all the best, Lama (friend of Ouafa)


Let me just say that I love this post, and it's ALL TRUE! My wife is American, herself, and while she likes hearty bread (and thus does not miss wonder bread in the least) Danish rye is... somewhat beyond her, most of the time. She sticks to the milder varieties without all the whole seeds trying to beat up her mouth. :-)

-Gert (a friend of Lama's)

Søren Horn

I came about this blog due to my FB-friendship with Gert. Thank you for that. The read about smørrebrød was immensely enjoyable and, well... correct and to the point :)

I'd like to share a link to a place that one should really visit if you want a taste of Denmark. It combines two of the most fastidious traditions in Denmark: sneaky little taverns (Pub, bar Café, or as I'd say in Danish: værtshus or beværtning, or in slang: bæverding) and smørrebrød: This is must visit.

-Søren (a true fan of smørrebrød)

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