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November 09, 2010


Elias Helfer

Y'know, I just discovered your blog. Now, I am a Dane, but my girlfriend is American, studies at the University of Copenhagen, and lives in Ørestaden. She will sometimes tell me that we don't pronounce words anything like they look; my favorite counter argument to that is "Worcestershire". Having said that, we both laughed a lot at your description of how to pronounce the soft D's - my GF often pronounces them as l's.

The difference between the spelling and the pronunciation of "Amager" is most likely down to changes in pronunciation over time. Having said that, we're mnot quite as bad as you make us: the correct pronunciation of "Amager" is closer to "Amar" - though I guess it's not much of an "r" to non-Danes; mostly it is a slight hissing sound at the end of the word.

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