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Vignesh, you won't be surprised to hear that I think this essay is really FANTASTIC, given my own philosophy about multiplayer games. One point you've made here that is really excellent is that even single-player games become multiplayer games in some form. My nephews used to play Indiana Jones and The Sims, all sitting together on the same chair; for them it was ALWAYS a multiplayer game, even though there was only one input. Some have called The Sims a "massively single player game," which I think it an appropriate characterization: what has really sustained the game's success is the community that built up around it, even though the gameplay itself is designed for a single-player. It makes me wonder...are game designers really that out of touch with their players that they would continue to design with this one-player/one-screen paradigm? Maybe we (collectively!) need to rethink this model entirely.

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