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Can you guys please re-post this in a regular .doc and .ppt format. I don't have the ability to read .docx or .pptx files. You can also just turn them into PDFs and post them that way.

Just re-posted in .doc and .ppt formats.

I really like this idea. It has a lot going for it. It's one of those "Closure"-type games with a core mechanic that really has "legs." The light manipulation combined with the "Jack-and-the-Beanstalk" mechanic can really go in a lot of interesting directions.

It's not clear yet from these docs the aesthetic you are going for...I'm assuming the stick-figure design is just a mock-up. But I could also see this going in a really creative direction visually, with an emphasis on the plants, each of which could have it's own unique visual style, which includes the animation; some could also be flowering. It could be visually really beautiful.

You might want to look at Flower, and also Blueberry Garden for some ideas about how to handle the art direction. I could see this game being a very submlime experience based on the art style and the animation of the plant growth. You might aslo want to look at Feed on Fractals, from last year's class: http://flux.blogs.com/gamedesignandculture/2008/12/feed-on-fractals.html

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