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Great Post-Mortem Jason. I actually think that your game benefited from the inability to implements some of your intended features. You managed to convey aspects of the story through mechanics and aesthetics in a way that, at this point, makes cut scenes an unnecessary distraction. What you also did really well, as has been done in both Braid and Spectre, is create a really unified world that is successful in conveying the emotions you want to get across; the complexity of the world itself, even with a simple game mechanic, says a lot. In the long run, that you made a game that is simpler than your initial intent is a feature not a bug. Although I think it will be great to refine the game further (maybe get it ready for an IndieCade submission), and maybe add some of those additional features, however, I think the simplicity turns out to be one of its strengths so be sure not to overdo it!

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