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Terris this is a really wonderful take on the meaning of "well-played game," in which "everybody wins." I really like your comment that 'When I am playing games like Gears of War, Tomb Raider, Virtual Fighter, Blazblue, or King of Fighters, I feel that some of us are "losing" from the beginning.' I'm so pleased you were able to take what you learned in the class and put it into practice in what I think is a very successful project.

What a great insight, Terris! Thank you for helping to embody such a central aspect of the Well-Played Game. In deed, the experience that I point to in the Well-Played Game, the one that has inspires me to this day, is how, when it happens, we are able to transcend all the labels that divide us - race, culture, ability, status, even species - where all players experience themselves as equal participants in the same community. I hope that as you progress in video game design you are able to bring this particular understanding to all the games you create and that you are able to share this experience with all the people you get to play with.

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